The Reasons Why Urban Farming Is Good for You

Urban farming does much more than provide fresh food to the community, which in and of itself is sufficient reason to get involved, the benefits of urban farming have far-reaching effects for the present and the future. Urban farmers are also reducing air pollution, community degradation, local unemployment, environmental issues and improve health. If you can teach someone to grow their food, it will provide them with the tools necessary for building a healthy and prosperous life.

Fresh Foods

Urban areas have the most people and the least amount of fresh food. Many urban dwellers don’t know where their food comes from or how it reaches them. An urban diet primarily consists of high fat, low-nutrition processed food that is relatively cheap and easy to come by. That type of diet has led to a myriad of health conditions that plague our society, like childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease. We are what we eat and replacing processed foods with fresh foods is the beginning of better health in urban environments.

Reduce Air Pollution

The amount of fossil-fueled vehicles used is reduced when food is grown close to home. Less carbon emission is put into the atmosphere because less transportation is needed to get the food from the farm to the table. Less food is wasted since the amount of time from farm to table is also reduced when food is grown locally.

Innovative Gardening

There is less usable land space within the urban environment, so urban farmers have to develop innovative gardening techniques to overcome obstacles. Barren land that has been stripped of all nutrients, land plots that have been used as dumping grounds and small spaces are what most urban farmers have to deal with in the beginning.

Tania, our open source software, is built for urban farmers to help them manage day-to-day farm activities. We also plan to build an online urban farmers community to help answer questions and provide advice from experienced gardeners who are knowledgeable about smart farming methods, tips and tricks, and more.

These unused urban landscapes can be transformed from unsightly and barren to green and productive with smart farming methods.

Ease Unemployment

Urban farming puts people to work within the community and eases local unemployment. The surplus fresh food grown in local gardens is sold for a profit. Some of that profit is invested right back into the growing fresh food through the purchasing supplies locally. People can eat better and put money in their pockets through urban farming.

Improve Health

Replacing just a few high calorie, low nutrition meals each week with fresh fruit and vegetables will reduce the risk factors of several debilitating health conditions, including cancer and heart disease. Leafy green vegetables, bright orange vegetables and fruits have been proven to the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Improve the health and well being of your community by getting involved in a smart farming effort within your community sooner rather than later. Before it’s too late.

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