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It is estimated that by the year 2050, there will be about 9 Billion people living on the planet Earth. On the other hand, Earth itself has already lost one-third of its arable land due to deforestation, erosion and pollution in the past 40 years. Therefore, Agriculture drives 80 percent of tropical deforestation and billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Climate change is also affecting the world’s limited natural resources available for food production, making water an ever more precious resource. With these factors in mind, the agriculture sector will be under great pressure to produce more foods using fewer resources on smaller lands. And for this reason, all farmers must lever their productivity to provide enough food for such a large population.


For us, this is a challenge. To have a good productivity and sustainable in nowadays farming industry, farmers have their hands full. They need to have the capacity to grow more food, monitoring the usage of limited natural resources on their operational, finding closer and easier access to farming supplies and distribution channels for their crops, and understanding the demand of high market-value crops according to their geographical areas. Aside from these core problems, farmers also need to know their final production costs and the right treatment to grow certain crop varieties.

Farmers must know the precise amount of water and fertilizer required to generate healthy crops. Those are the reasons we founded Tanibox, to help the future smallholder farmers face these challenges. Tanibox’s team believes that technology plays a fundamental role in this industry.

Our solutions grounded on three different technological products and services to empower the smallholder farmers—to produce high market-valued crops and increase their productivity and profitability. Our technologies designed to run on top of a distributed environment to ensure the scalability due to some challenges that we have to tackle: privacy and security, data reliability, and effective computation process. We work by using various model of distributed ledgers that powers nowadays Bitcoin and Ethereum technology. This technology allows data to be safely kept in open network while not changing its value and consistency, thus ensuring customers that their information is safe and completely protected.


Tanibox was founded legally in 2017 and has two legal entities in two countries, namely Tanibox OÜ as an Estonian entity, and PT Tanibox Agritech Indonesia as an Indonesian entity. We opened the Estonian legal entity to hire more talents from European Union (EU) with different backgrounds and to enter its market in the future. For the Indonesia entity, it’s because that was where our business started and we know the market like the back of our hands.

The company co-founded by three highly experienced software developers, and supported by an angel investor. Two of the co-founders are serial entrepreneurs that had built several businesses before Tanibox.



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