TANIA: Revolution of Farm Management System

As more and more businesses engaged in agritech and implementing the internet of things (IoT), Tanibox has a product that offers farm management system for its users, namely Tania.

Tania is a software that is specifically developed to manage farm operational like crop production that includes the know-how of the plant varieties, the treatment, the season to grow the plant, harvesting time, and so forth. Farmers would be able to manage their working hours, finances, equipment, expenses, and incomes. This tool allows farmers to have better understanding and faster decision-making.

TANIA able to assist smallholder farmers in:
  • Organizing work in conducting production activities in more measurable, faster, and more efficient to achieve higher productivity.
  • Allocating resources, including limited natural resources and human resources.
  • Gaining insights based on real data of their own plantations, knowledge of production, distribution, business, and many more, to leverage their competitiveness with bigger businesses.

The current technology in Tania is the foundation of what we want to develop further using blockchain. Tania will integrate with IoT-based hardware lines called Terra to assist farmers gaining better performance on day-to-day operational. Currently available features in Tania are:

  1. Crop Production
  2. Basic Activity Management
  3. Basic Inventory Management
Features to be developed include:
  1. Analytics Platform, where farmers can see important data related to their business such as production cost, water and fertilizer requirement, predicting the risk of crop failure due to climate and pest, and to measure the efficiency of their productivity level.
  2. E-Commerce Platform (TaniShop) , a marketplace where farmers can purchase farming materials they will need such as seeds, fertilizers, equipment, and many others.
  3. Finance Management, where farmers manage their expenditures, revenues, and taxes on agricultural business
  4. HR Management, where farm business able to manage their human resources.
  5. Device and Machinery, where farmers manage their IoT device and production machines.

Tania is released as open-source software under Apache 2.0 license to get faster feedbacks from users and meaningful inputs on the technical-side from global open-source community. 

Check TANIA Open Source Project on Github


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