Benefits of Farming As A Service Ecosystem

Tanibox is a company who focus on maximizing agriculture technology to create modern food supply chain in the ecosystem which are more transparent, safe, profitable and sustainable.  We create technology where:

  1. Smallholder farmers are able to increase the quality and quantity of their crops.  The will able to gain more profit, improve their business and make sure the regeneration of the farmer’s family business.
  2. Customers are able to find out the origin, the source, the method and all the distribution line of their foods as well as the effect for the whole stakeholder within the ecosystem.
  3. Middlemen able to run their business more transparent, fair and also profitable.
  4. Strengthen the performance of NGOs, Auditors, correspondence government institution and international certification council to widen the good governance application for the agricultural and trading sector.

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The Roles of Internet of Things in Agritech

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