Smart and Sustainable Agriculture for A Better Future

In the last three decades, Earth has sustained severe damages due to deforestations by incineration in various countries, huge amount of synthetic fertilizer and chemical pesticide being utilized, contaminating rivers and groundwater, the release of carbon into the air resulting in greenhouse effect which in the end causing climate change all over the globe. Most of Earth’s damages are caused by unsustainable and irresponsible agriculture practice.

Therefore, research efforts are being conducted around the world to mitigate the damages while making some improvements and discovering more sustainable ways of farming. Some methods are claimed to be able to replace these thousand years old farming practices damaging to the Earth.

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Benefits of Farming As A Service Ecosystem

Tanibox is a company who focus on maximizing agriculture technology to create modern food supply chain in the ecosystem which are more transparent, safe, profitable and sustainable.  We create technology where:

  1. Smallholder farmers are able to increase the quality and quantity of their crops.  The will able to gain more profit, improve their business and make sure the regeneration of the farmer’s family business.
  2. Customers are able to find out the origin, the source, the method and all the distribution line of their foods as well as the effect for the whole stakeholder within the ecosystem.
  3. Middlemen able to run their business more transparent, fair and also profitable.
  4. Strengthen the performance of NGOs, Auditors, correspondence government institution and international certification council to widen the good governance application for the agricultural and trading sector.

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