The Roles of Internet of Things in Agritech

The Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture, including smart farming and connected farming, represents a more specific use of technology wherein agricultural planning and operations become connected in ways previously impossible if it were not for advances in sensors, communications, data analytics, and other areas. Continue reading “The Roles of Internet of Things in Agritech”

Potential of Agritech Industry

Currently, Industry 4.0 promising a variety of smart technologies to develop various industries in various fields. One of the industries that have great potential is the agricultural industry. The proof is the various companies in the form of agriculture startup i.e. Agritech that emerged and innovate to solve the problems of agriculture, both from cultivating crops to the distribution. Continue reading “Potential of Agritech Industry”

Tania: Why Did We Open Source Our Software?

My wife and I started home gardening as a hobby since three years ago. Since that time, we grow our plants with the hydroponic and organic method. We take notes about our crops condition. So we can track our history of the crops from time to time and can use it as a reference for the next growing batch. We used to write the notes in a handwritten journal. It was tedious. Continue reading “Tania: Why Did We Open Source Our Software?”