Sales and Purchase Agreement with InnoIQ Kft from Hungary

Urban farming in Hungary has grown very rapidly in a few years. Small farms that utilising vacant land in urban areas start to grow everywhere, even in their capital city, Budapest. Therefore, a Hungary-based company name InnoIQ Kft reaching us out to buy our technological solutions to help the growing urban farms to become more productive and to manage operations.

Tomato Greenhouse in Hungary

As you know, Hungary is located in Central Europe, and they have four seasons. Means, they have a very short crop productions window time. They need to maximize their productions, up until the winter season, using greenhouses. Managing operations of a greenhouse is not an easy task. They must have to work very precisely and carefully.

Tanibox OÜ, the sister company of PT Tanibox Agritech Indonesia made a sales and purchase agreement with InnoIQ Kft. Below are the details:

Products Price per Unit/Year Amount of Purchase

  • Weather Station
  • Soil Condition Sensor
  • Water Condition Sensor
  • Automatic Relay/Valve
EUR 1,386 / unit 1200 sets

  • Farm Monitoring Dashboard
  • Farm Management System
  • Atlas: Agronomist-as-a-Service
EUR 807 / year 1200 sets
Total of Purchase EUR 3,600,000
Payment Term 2 years

Below are the copy of SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement) with InnoIQ Kft:


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