Pre-Sale TaniCoin Starts Today

We are open pre-sale for TaniCoin starting from today (June 25, 2018) until July 15, 2018. You will get our very special price for this event:

USD 0.018 / coin

This price is only available for the pre-sale event.

What is TaniCoin?

TaniCoin (abbr. TACO) is a participant-oriented project that can also work as utility coins, which aims to build blockchain technology to revolutionize global food system by democratizing access to modern agriculture technology for the creation of sustainable, transparent, traceable, secure, and profitable food and agriculture businesses.

1,000,000,000 coins will be issued by Tanibox. Currently, we are not planning to generate additional coins. The initial distribution of coins is through a series of offerings in different phases.

Below are the date highlight regarding our ICO Campaign:
ICO Pre-Sale Period 25th June – 15th July 2018
ICO Sale Period 18th July – 18th December2018

For More Info about Price and Sign up procedure visit our official website:

Month Price (in USD)
Pre-Sale $0.018
1st $0.025
2nd $0.032
3rd $0.046
4th $0.053
5th $0.06

Bounty Program

2% of coins will be reserved for the bounty program from the beginning of the project

Referral program TaniCoin referral program will be based on a simple customized link that everyone who registers to TaniCoin will receive in their personal account. This link can be shared on most forms of social media or other websites to invite new people to register for TaniCoin. For every referral who buys the coins, a bonus will be offered to the link owner. The bonus will consist of an addition of coins to the owner’s account which amount to 2% of the invested coins his/her referrals buy.

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