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The choice of investment that can be taken by the community is quite diverse. Along with the development of technology, the investment choices are also increasingly varied. One of them is in agriculture.

Emerging investment opportunities focusing on agriculture are diverse, from investment platforms in form of crowdlending, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, crowdfunding, and others.

The problems faced by farmers in the most important places is the lack of the land, accompanied by improper management due to insufficient data to develop its agricultural business, and for the next is the limited capital. Apart from farmers, certainly there are many parties who are interested to plunge into the agricultural business but have a variety of problems.

With high potential as a sustainable business, agricultural business integrated with technology or so-called agritech is a profitable investment choice.


Development of a data collection tool, agricultural sensor, the software using artificial intelligence or machine learning, to automation, Agritech startups continues to make innovations that were previously deemed not necessary in the agricultural industry.

Clearly, investing in the agricultural sector is quite promising. Especially when accompanied by social aspects, such as helping improve the welfare of farmers.

It’s clear that there are a growing number of options and avenues for investors to gain exposure to the agriculture sector. It’s possible for investors to help grow the number of technology products available to farmers as they look for new ways to produce more food, using their resources more efficiently and improving the characteristically tight margins of food production.

One of the most widely used investment methods by companies with innovative products and potential markets in today’s blockchain era is ICO or Initial Coin Offering.

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), has become a topic of much debate in the cryptocurrency community. Almost all the ICO’s that have surfaced are only an idea, and they’re asking for millions of dollars before any proof of concept even exists. However, our Tanibox team is comprised of experts who are already competent in their own fields, and we have the vision to help various parties who want to develop the agricultural industry, to build sustainable businesses with products that are already proven to help many.

Join our ICO, while building the sustainable business by setting up a farming platform for anyone interested in the agriculture field.



Tanibox was founded legally in 2017 and has two legal entities in two countries, namely Tanibox OÜ as an Estonian entity, and PT Tanibox Agritech Indonesia as an Indonesian entity. We opened the Estonian legal entity to hire more talents from European Union (EU) with different backgrounds and to enter its market in the future. For the Indonesia entity, it’s because that was where our business started and we know the market like the back of our hands.

The company co-founded by three highly experienced software developers, and supported by an angel investor. Two of the co-founders are serial entrepreneurs that had built several businesses before Tanibox.


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