How Agritech Solutions Can Tackle Agricultural Problems

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Farming has always been a high-risk industry. From unpredictable weather to pests problems, it’s all destroying crop fast and without notification. Advancement in tools and methods such as crop rotation, plows, irrigation and even fertilizer are proven to help farmers over centuries. But for small-scale farmers in developing country, lack of modern agricultural technology need to be addressed before they can’t produce crops and massive losses hit their land.


Global food security and political stability across nations should be addressed too. In essence, the agricultural industry is a top priority in human survival, but the longer the farmers are left behind in dealing with the disasters that arise can be the biggest problem. Drought, pests, uncertain climate, all that must be considered how to find the right solution.

Then, what can be done to make the agriculture industry survive and thrive by solving various problems with the right solutions?

There are many areas where agritech startups can help farmers. In drought-prone regions, agro-metrology and prediction of rainfall and soil moisture, what crops to plant, what pests to look out, water harvesting and conservation measures, and more potential solutions that can be explored by agritech startups.

Besides climate issues, with an agritech that focused on building farming platform that facilitates hobbyists and people who want to grow their own food in big cities, it could be one of the solutions to solve the problem of the lack of farmers and land resources.

In the future, problems will continue to arise and make the agricultural industry worth more. Along with this, the market potential will also grow. Therefore, participating in the development of the agricultural industry is one option to invest in our sustainable future.



Tanibox was founded legally in 2017 and has two legal entities in two countries, namely Tanibox OÜ as an Estonian entity, and PT Tanibox Agritech Indonesia as an Indonesian entity. We opened the Estonian legal entity to hire more talents from European Union (EU) with different backgrounds and to enter its market in the future. For the Indonesia entity, it’s because that was where our business started and we know the market like the back of our hands.

The company co-founded by three highly experienced software developers, and supported by an angel investor. Two of the co-founders are serial entrepreneurs that had built several businesses before Tanibox.


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