Sales and Purchase Agreement with InnoIQ Kft from Hungary

Urban farming in Hungary has grown very rapidly in a few years. Small farms that utilising vacant land in urban areas start to grow everywhere, even in their capital city, Budapest. Therefore, a Hungary-based company name InnoIQ Kft reaching us out to buy our technological solutions to help the growing urban farms to become more productive and to manage operations. Continue reading “Sales and Purchase Agreement with InnoIQ Kft from Hungary”

Perjanjian Jual Beli dengan PT SUN untuk Perkebunan Hortikultura

Pemenuhan kebutuhan produk hortikultura nasional dengan standar mutu dan kuantitas yang terjaga adalah tantangan besar yang dihadapi Indonesia. Saat ini, kebutuhan sayur, bunga potong dan buah untuk peritel moderen, hotel dan restoran sebagian besar dipenuhi oleh produk hortikultura impor. Produk lokal belum dapat bersaing dari segi mutu dan kuantitas suplainya. Dengan hasil produksi yang terbatas, harga jual masih cukup tinggi untuk peritel.

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TaniCoin Pre-Sale and Bounty Announcement


TaniCoin is a participant-oriented project that can also work as utility coins, which aims to build blockchain technology to revolutionize global food system by democratizing access to modern agriculture technology for the creation of sustainable, transparent, traceable, secure, and profitable food and agriculture businesses. Continue reading “TaniCoin Pre-Sale and Bounty Announcement”

Tanibox, Sophisticated Business Solutions for Agricultural Industry

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It is estimated that by the year 2050, there will be about 9 Billion people living on the planet Earth. On the other hand, Earth itself has already lost one-third of its arable land due to deforestation, erosion and pollution in the past 40 years. Therefore, Agriculture drives 80 percent of tropical deforestation and billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Continue reading “Tanibox, Sophisticated Business Solutions for Agricultural Industry”

The Reasons Why Urban Farming Is Good for You

Urban farming does much more than provide fresh food to the community, which in and of itself is sufficient reason to get involved, the benefits of urban farming have far-reaching effects for the present and the future. Urban farmers are also reducing air pollution, community degradation, local unemployment, environmental issues and improve health. If you can teach someone to grow their food, it will provide them with the tools necessary for building a healthy and prosperous life. Continue reading “The Reasons Why Urban Farming Is Good for You”

Tania: Why Did We Open Source Our Software?

My wife and I started home gardening as a hobby since three years ago. Since that time, we grow our plants with the hydroponic and organic method. We take notes about our crops condition. So we can track our history of the crops from time to time and can use it as a reference for the next growing batch. We used to write the notes in a handwritten journal. It was tedious. Continue reading “Tania: Why Did We Open Source Our Software?”