Benefits of Farming As A Service Ecosystem

Tanibox is a company who focus on maximizing agriculture technology to create modern food supply chain in the ecosystem which are more transparent, safe, profitable and sustainable.  We create technology where:

  1. Smallholder farmers are able to increase the quality and quantity of their crops.  The will able to gain more profit, improve their business and make sure the regeneration of the farmer’s family business.
  2. Customers are able to find out the origin, the source, the method and all the distribution line of their foods as well as the effect for the whole stakeholder within the ecosystem.
  3. Middlemen able to run their business more transparent, fair and also profitable.
  4. Strengthen the performance of NGOs, Auditors, correspondence government institution and international certification council to widen the good governance application for the agricultural and trading sector.

The technology we’ve create is a unite ecosystem, we called it FaaS (Farming as a Service) where we provide the technology and the assistance for the stakeholders to assure the global sustainable production standard, product quality improvement and also transparent and democratic distribution line.  With all of that, we can create a fair and good governance trade. In the ecosystem the stakeholders are divided into three as follows:

Tanibox Farming As A Service Ecosystem
  1. Producers
    People(s) or organization who generate/produce the food materials, it could be raw or processed food materials which ready to distribute.  Exp: Oil-palm farmers, CPO factory and the refinery
  2. Partners
    People(s), organization or government institution who use our product/services to help their works.  Exp.:

    1. NGO (Non-Government Organizations) -> collect and distribute the data from various producers supply chain according to their expertise
    2. Certificate authority -> issues the certificate, award and membership system
    3. Government institution -> receives and issues the required information for the permits and legal administration
    4. Middlemen -> runs the distribution line more transparently so that he gains trust and loyalty from the consumers and the producers
  3. Consumers
    Buyers who buy the product from the listed producers in the Tanibox ecosystem.  They can access verified information of a product such as:

    1. Planting time, harvest time, processing time and the delivery time
    2. Producers and the planting method application
    3. Product certification, certificate authority, requirements to get that certificate and certificate expiration
    4. Etc.

Through our technology, well-educated farmers will quickly feel the advantage for the long terms.  They won’t see the operational activity as a hard thing to do, they will get used to it and will influence the other farmers.  The acquired data from producers are real, no manipulation or trick to make the consumers happy and feel safe.


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