Our Journey With Flutter – Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, read previous blog post by our tech advisor about our journey with Flutter. After a months of development, We’ve launched the first version of the app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store couple weeks ago. This post is meant to add more insight of what our experiences up to our first release. Continue reading “Our Journey With Flutter – Part 2”

Intro to TANIA Backend Architecture

How We Structure TANIA Backend

In the product development team of Tanibox, we use the DDD approach. DDD or Domain-driven Design is an approach where we seek to deliver software around our business capabilities.

I came from traditional MVC architecture who built software from designing the database first. But in domain-first architectures, I’ve forced to think the business capabilities first without thinking the database or protocol at all. It struck my mind that has been planted in the past 4-year building software from a database. After I finally grasp the domain-first mindset, I cannot back again to my old way. Continue reading “Intro to TANIA Backend Architecture”

Tanibox Product Development Lesson

After several iterations, finally, the version 1.0.0 of our GRO Planter app has been released to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The development of this applications was done by a team of 2 persons, a backend engineer and a front-end engineer. This is our second product after Tania, that we’ve open-sourced earlier this year.

During the development process, we’ve learnt valuable¬†lessons about product development with a distributed team.

Continue reading “Tanibox Product Development Lesson”

We are Exhibiting in Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018

Today, we are exhibiting in Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018 together with our partner, QNAP, to showcase our IoT solutions for agriculture. We’ve been partnering with QNAP since last year when we were just starting up. Right now, Tania, our agriculture management system is ready to be installed on every QNAP solutions. Customers can also integrate it with Terra, our IoT sensors and devices through QIoT system.¬† Continue reading “We are Exhibiting in Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018”

Sales and Purchase Agreement with InnoIQ Kft from Hungary

Urban farming in Hungary has grown very rapidly in a few years. Small farms that utilising vacant land in urban areas start to grow everywhere, even in their capital city, Budapest. Therefore, a Hungary-based company name InnoIQ Kft reaching us out to buy our¬†technological solutions to help the growing urban farms to become more productive and to manage operations. Continue reading “Sales and Purchase Agreement with InnoIQ Kft from Hungary”

Perjanjian Jual Beli dengan PT SUN untuk Perkebunan Hortikultura

Pemenuhan kebutuhan produk hortikultura nasional dengan standar mutu dan kuantitas yang terjaga adalah tantangan besar yang dihadapi Indonesia. Saat ini, kebutuhan sayur, bunga potong dan buah untuk peritel moderen, hotel dan restoran sebagian besar dipenuhi oleh produk hortikultura impor. Produk lokal belum dapat bersaing dari segi mutu dan kuantitas suplainya. Dengan hasil produksi yang terbatas, harga jual masih cukup tinggi untuk peritel.

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