The Reasons Why Urban Farming Is Good for You

Urban farming does much more than provide fresh food to the community, which in and of itself is sufficient reason to get involved, the benefits of urban farming have far-reaching effects for the present and the future. Urban farmers are also reducing air pollution, community degradation, local unemployment, environmental issues and improve health. If you can teach someone to grow their food, it will provide them with the tools necessary for building a healthy and prosperous life. Continue reading “The Reasons Why Urban Farming Is Good for You”

Tania: Why Did We Open Source Our Software?

My wife and I started home gardening as a hobby since three years ago. Since that time, we grow our plants with the hydroponic and organic method. We take notes about our crops condition. So we can track our history of the crops from time to time and can use it as a reference for the next growing batch. We used to write the notes in a handwritten journal. It was tedious. Continue reading “Tania: Why Did We Open Source Our Software?”