Sampai Jumpa, GRO Planter. Hallo, Tania.

Hi GROers, kami ingin menyampaikan kabar sedih untuk kalian semua. Kami akan mematikan aplikasi GRO Planter di akhir minggu ini.

Kuartal empat tahun 2018, Tanibox meluncurkan lini produk GRO ke masyarakat. Sebuah pot tanam berbasis hidroponik yang dilengkapi aplikasi ponsel untuk mencatat kegiatan bercocok tanam. Enam bulan berjalan, GRO tidak menunjukkan growth yang menjanjikan. Oleh karena itu, kami harus menutup seluruh infrastruktur aplikasi GRO untuk mengurangi beban operasional.

Apa yang akan kami lakukan setelah ini? Kami akan fokus di pengembangan perangkat lunak open source bernama Tania yang sudah kami kembangkan sejak 2017. Untuk kalian GROers yang ingin melanjutkan mencatat kegiatan bercocok tanam kalian, kami persilakan menuju situs dan unduh versi Tania yang sesuai dengan sistem operasi PC/laptop/server kalian.


Sekarang kabar baiknya, pot GRO yang masih ada akan kami diskon untuk cuci gudang. Untuk kalian yang mau tetap belajar bercocok tanam, kalian tetap bisa membeli pot tanam GRO di Harga baru akan berlaku mulai 5 Maret 2019.

We are Exhibiting in Singapore Cloud Expo 2018

From today and tomorrow, 10 and 11 October 2018, we are joining Cloud Expo Asia 2018 in Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore. As some of you may know, we are partnering with QNAP to show our smart farming solutions, and our product is ready to be deployed in farms and plantations around South East Asia. 

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Our Journey With Flutter – Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, read previous blog post by our tech advisor about our journey with Flutter. After a months of development, We’ve launched the first version of the app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store couple weeks ago. This post is meant to add more insight of what our experiences up to our first release. Continue reading “Our Journey With Flutter – Part 2”

Intro to TANIA Backend Architecture

How We Structure TANIA Backend

In the product development team of Tanibox, we use the DDD approach. DDD or Domain-driven Design is an approach where we seek to deliver software around our business capabilities.

I came from traditional MVC architecture who built software from designing the database first. But in domain-first architectures, I’ve forced to think the business capabilities first without thinking the database or protocol at all. It struck my mind that has been planted in the past 4-year building software from a database. After I finally grasp the domain-first mindset, I cannot back again to my old way. Continue reading “Intro to TANIA Backend Architecture”

Tanibox Product Development Lesson

After several iterations, finally, the version 1.0.0 of our GRO Planter app has been released to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The development of this applications was done by a team of 2 persons, a backend engineer and a front-end engineer. This is our second product after Tania, that we’ve open-sourced earlier this year.

During the development process, we’ve learnt valuable¬†lessons about product development with a distributed team.

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We are Exhibiting in Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018

Today, we are exhibiting in Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018 together with our partner, QNAP, to showcase our IoT solutions for agriculture. We’ve been partnering with QNAP since last year when we were just starting up. Right now, Tania, our agriculture management system is ready to be installed on every QNAP solutions. Customers can also integrate it with Terra, our IoT sensors and devices through QIoT system.¬† Continue reading “We are Exhibiting in Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018”

QNAP Indonesia – IoT Workshop bersama Tanibox

Tanibox bekerjasama dengan QNAP akan mengadakan workshop IoT (Internet of Thing) dengan tema Smart Agriculture. Berlokasi di Harris-Pop! Hotels & Conventions, Denpasar, Bali pada tanggal 23 Agustus 2018. Untuk teman-teman yang tertarik ingin tahu dan belajar implementasi IoT di agrikultur, silakan RSVP di tautan:

Setiap peserta akan dilengkapi set perlengkapan IoT yang sudah kami persiapkan.

Tanibox in collaboration with QNAP is going to hold Smart Agriculture IoT (Internet of Thing) workshop. It will take place in Harris-Pop! Hotels & Conventions, Denpasar, Bali, in 23 August 2018. If you are interested to know and learn how to implement IoT in agriculture, you can RSVP in this link:

We will equip each attendee with a set of IoT devices.

Smart and Sustainable Agriculture for A Better Future

In the last three decades, Earth has sustained severe damages due to deforestations by incineration in various countries, huge amount of synthetic fertilizer and chemical pesticide being utilized, contaminating rivers and groundwater, the release of carbon into the air resulting in greenhouse effect which in the end causing climate change all over the globe. Most of Earth’s damages are caused by unsustainable and irresponsible agriculture practice.

Therefore, research efforts are being conducted around the world to mitigate the damages while making some improvements and discovering more sustainable ways of farming. Some methods are claimed to be able to replace these thousand years old farming practices damaging to the Earth.

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The Roles of Internet of Things in Agritech

The Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture, including smart farming and connected farming, represents a more specific use of technology wherein agricultural planning and operations become connected in ways previously impossible if it were not for advances in sensors, communications, data analytics, and other areas. Continue reading “The Roles of Internet of Things in Agritech”